General Information
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): Pirate Captain, announcer
Other Informations
Interests: Adventuring
Series Information
First appearance: Several Leagues Below the Sea
Portrayer: Brian Doyle-Murray

Captain K'nuckles is a washed-up and childish old sailor who claims to be the greatest adventurer the world has ever known. Nowadays, he prefers to nap and drink maple syrup, while telling outrageous tales of past adventures and getting Flapjack wrapped up in his high seas hi-jinks. In reality, his stories are either completely false, or nowhere near as adventurous or amazing as he leads Flapjack to believe. He may not be an entirely incompetent adventurer however, as he was able to steal the Mermaid Queen's heart and successfully escape her guards in "Gone Wishin'". He is a candy addict; he will do whatever it takes to get his hands on candy. Because of this, he is incredibly selfish, putting the well-being of himself and the acquisition of candy above all else. Because of his often selfish, rude, and openly villainous behavior, K'nuckles has earned the open hostility and disrespect of nearly everybody in Stormalong, although is still respected by other pirates. This is proven in times like when a pirate is angry with Flapjack and says "you're all right, K'nuckles" and when K'nuckles and other pirates were watching a movie and getting along. Though he has a habit of taking advantage of Flapjack for his own needs, he is actually quite fond of him and will often attempt to get him out of trouble when a scheme of theirs goes too far. He also defends Flapjack when others try to deceive him, something that he does on a regular basis. Most of his body is composed of wood: his hands are wooden hands based on the best hand ever made, his legs are pegs, and his buttocks (his "sittin' muscle", as he calls it) is a wooden board. Because of his artificial body, he makes mechanical noises when he moves. K'nuckles spends most of the adventures with Flapjack trying to find Candied Island. Flapjack often has to defend him when he is in trouble. In Squidward, he is an announcer at the Jurassic Park election. Later, he escaped Squidward's Torture House.