Mama Tentacles
General Information
Gender: Female
Color: Turquoise
Eye Color: Violet
Birthday: April 21, 1934
Height: 5"6
Weight: 106 pounds
Address: 721 Mockingbird Lane; Bikini Utopia, US
Occupation(s): Retired
Aliases: The mom with the unlucky Squidward
Family & Friends
Family: Squidward Tentacles ~ son

Roger Tentacles ~ unseen son Anna Tentacles ~ unseen daughter Scooter Tentacles ~ unseen son Scott R. Tentacles ~ husband

Friends: Squidward and the rest of her family and other old people
Pet(s): None
Employer:  ?
Employees:  ?
Enemies: Everyone who hates Squidward

Patrick Star Plankton Mr.Krabs

Other Informations
Interests: Squidward

Smoking Cigars Farting Sleeping

Education: Poseidon Elementary School {1939-1945}

Bikini Bottom Middle School {1945-1948} Bikini Bottom High School {1948-1952} University Of Bikini Bottom {1952-1955}

Awards: Best Achievement in Women's softball (1949)

Highest Achieving Student in AV classes (1954)

Series Information
First appearance: Fools In April (2000)
Last appearance: Ghost Host (2006)
Portrayer: Roger Bumpass
Mama Tentacles, born (April 21, 1934), age : 81; is Squidward's mother who made occasional appearances in The Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. When the cameras are not rolling, her daily life is sitting at home, taking naps, farting on her couch(which for odd reasons, she adores), calling Squidward on his cell phone three maybe even four times a day, and smoking almost a pack of cigars a day.

Early Life Edit

Mama Tentacles was born in Bikini Bottom on April 21, 1934, her parents are unknown and were never seen, and she has a sister whose name is also not revealed. She started attending The Bikini Bottom Public Schools in 1939 as a Kindergarden student and graduated High School in the hot summer of 1952. She also attended a university in Bikini Bottom from 1952 to 1955. At her college prom on May 31, 1955, this was the place where she met Scott R.Tentacles and developed a love interest in him as soon as she met him through one of her friends at college. They started dating in 1956, became engaged on Christmas Eve 1956, and finally married on May 2, 1957. Together, they bought their first house in Bikini Utopia to which she is still living in today in 2015! They also had 4 children, Roger (the oldest) on September 13, 1958, Anna (the only girl) on June 21, 1961, Squidward (the most liked and disliked by many people) on October 9, 1965, and finally Scooter (the youngest) on May 1, 1970.

Obsession With Squidward Edit

Even though Squidward is the most liked by fans of the Spongebob cartoon and the most disliked by Bikini Bottomites, Squidward is the favorite child of Mama Tentacles. Evidence for this is because, she taught him how to walk in 1966, Taught him how to talk in 1967, Taught him how to say full sentences in 1969, and even attended his first few days of Kindergarden in 1971 for moral support. She also threw a huge huge huge party for Squidward in 1983 when he graduated High School. Mama Tentacles also has a strong grudge against Mr.Krabs due to his indirect abuse towards Squidward from 1983 to 2014 and she was very happy that Krabs retired at the end of summer 2014 and Squidward took over ownership. Squidward also gave her a great birthday present for her 81st birthday on April 21, 2015.

Interests Edit

Mama Tentacles for odd reasons likes to rip one out loud, yes, FART, after eating breakfast. Mama Tentacles has gas problems which causes her bodacious farts. Her gas problems have definitely been passed on to Roger and Squidward as well since they fart about 10-15 times a day even if they already took a crap in the toilet. Other interests commonly associated with Mama Tentacles is of course her obsession with her son, Squidward and also a habit of almost smoking a pack of 1864 Omission Cigars a day! Unlike other cigar smokers, Mama Tentacles actually likes to put small samples of peppermints inside the cigar and then smoke it so she can taste the sweet peppermint in her mouth.

Appearances Edit

Aside from her daily life, Mama Tentacles has appeared in a few Spongebob Squarepants episodes as a kinky old lady. She first appeared in the season 1 episode, Fools In April and it showed what she would be like to Squidward if she hated him instead of being obsessed with him, but she just appeared in a thought. Her actual appearance was in the Season 4 episode, Krusty Towers, where she provided cookies to Mr.Krabs and Spongebob for Squidward further proving her obsession with him. She also did not recognize Mr.Krabs since he was wearing a ski mask but if she did spot him, she would go ballistic on the cheapskate because, of Krabs's rude attitude and personality towards Squidward. And her latest appearance was in another Season 4 episode titled Ghost Host, where she appeared as a hallunciation to Squidward while he was getting scared by The Flying Dutchman ghost. After Ghost Host, she did not make any more appearances and it is unknown if she will appear in new episodes.

Trivia/Goofs Edit

In the earlier episodes of Spongebob Squarepants, Mama Tentacles appeared as an old lady with curly white hair, lots of lipstick, and having a very deep voice but in Season 4, she is still an old lady but she has light purple curly hair in the back, no lipstick, and having a higher voice that is still kinda deep but definitely not as deep as before.

Mama Tentacles seemed to have been rude to Squidward in Season 1 but in Season 4, her obsession with him was obvious since she was kind enough to whip up a batch of cookies for Squidward even though he later did not appreciate it since he wished she was a better cook (this by the way foreshadows her being a bad cook), and also in Ghost Host, the Mama Tentacles hallucination kept concerning Squidward by saying, "WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME?!!!" This sudden change of personality was likely a goof since her first appearance was during Spongebob's early days of development so her character must've not been fully developed yet.

Mama Tentacles is currently widowed as of July 25, 2013 after the death of her husband, Scott. But in episodes, it looked like that Scott was dead before or the two divorced but this was untrue since Squidward claimed in Krab Borg, that his father loved him very much meaning that he never left Mama Tentacles and could've been out with his friends or family during Mama's Tentacles appearances.

She hasn't appeared since Season 4 but she was mentioned in the Season 6 episode, "Squid's Visit" where Squidward found a copy of a pillow Mama Tentacles made that says "For Squiddy, With Love, Mama." Spongebob was stalking Squidward at the time which explains why Squidward was looking at a copy.