Eugene H. Krabs
General Information
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: November 30, 1942 ; age : 72
Height: 5"4
Weight: 283 pounds
Address: 9091 Anchor Way, Bikini Bottom, US
Occupation(s): Retired
Aliases: Cheapy The Cheapskate, Mr.Cheapskate, Perverted Krab, Old Fool, Dad, Old Man
Family & Friends
Family: Mama Krabs - mother, Pearl Krabs - daughter, unnamed ex-wife
Friends: Spongebob, Patrick(rarely), Squidward(sometimes), Sandy(possibly?), Money, Cashy the Cash Register, Pearl
Pet(s): Mr.Doodles
Employer: None
Employees: Spongebob (1999-2014), Squidward (1984-2014); Krabs is now retired
Enemies: Plankton (formerly friend), Bubble Bass, Squidward (sometimes), Patrick (sometimes)
Other Informations
Interests: Money,Jewels,Diamonds,Gold,Plankton being a failure
Education: Poseidon Elementary School (1948-1953)

Bikini Bottom Middle School (1953-1956) Bikini Bottom High School (1956-1960) He never attended college

Awards: Cheapest Krab alive (2011)
Series Information
First appearance: Help Wanted
Portrayer: Clancy Brown

Eugene H. Krabs, commonly known as Mr. Krabs, is a main character in SpongeBob Squarepants. He is the owner and manager of The Krusty Krab, which is a restaurant located in The Bikini Bottom. He is obssesed with money, and will try to find as much money as possible and keep it. Mr. Krabs was born on November 30, 1942 and he is currently 72 years old but will turn 73 on November 30, 2015.